Getting Through Winter

Bare, exposed,

standing alone in the cold

Tree –

how do you get through the winter?

Standing there


You never stop reaching out,

reaching up.

You reach for that

which lets you blossom and grow

For that which warms you

and makes your life-blood flow

You reach

and teach me

how to pray

how to live each day

oriented towards the source

of joy and life

aligned and upright I strive

to display your way

through the cold

through the isolation

through the vulnerable exposure to the world –

I need your faith

that spring is coming

that the one who warms me

allows me to blossom and unfold

and stirs my blood to life

is coming

is near

and my one work

is to reach

up and out –

to pray

with all that

I am.

Patrick Kennedy is a priest in the Christian Community in the D.C. area.  Find out more one these websites: or


13 thoughts on “Getting Through Winter

  1. Love this poem!! I feel the same when I look out my window and contemplate the trees I see from my desk. How can something that looks so cold and bare be filled with so much life??
    Thank you!

  2. Thank you. So aptly put. Our task is to align ourselves, to reach, to stand, to endure the winter of this world and allow the Christ to warm our souls…

  3. It is not cold here in California where I live, but I also experience the same inwardness of soul that you describe, somehow, even here. Bless you and love you!

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