“Things germinate and transform…”

“The seed is in the ground.

Now may we rest in hope

While darkness does its work.

– Wendell Berry

“The Seed is the Word of God” (Luke 8:11)

When we look at the seed with its outer shell, we see nothing of the plant- potential within. We can dissect the seed and analyze its contents but we still have no way of knowing if it is “alive” or not, unless we plant it and wait for the warmth and light of the sun to draw it out. There is no miniature plant folded up in there but a kind of “life” force.
The light of the sun meets the “life force” within the seed and we can follow its course through chaos, the breaking open of the outer shell, roots reaching downward into the earth, then stem reaching upward into the light of day.

Like a seed, the word of God has been planted in every human soul, in darkness. It does not make itself known. We are not necessarily aware of it at all unless and until something breaks us open, or calls us out, or warms and delights us to such a degree that we “wake up” and stretch ourselves out beyond our normal boundaries. In those moments we begin to realize that there is something within us which is like the light and warmth of the sun. Something within us which is also in everybody else and brings out the best in us.

The life force that lies hidden within the Word has been “planted” in every human heart. It had to happen because when the sun was on the outside only, (BC) shining upon us, we lost touch with our truest selves. We were not able to keep the connection to the Father God. The call of the Father God was not enough to rescue humanity from the pull and weight of the material world. So Christ united Himself with our “interior.” He planted Himself as seed within our souls but left us totally free, even often unaware of His life force within us.

 We may not want to break ourselves open but once we do, we find that we are capable of much more that we had previously thought. We all have something to offer in wisdom and love in potent supply because of Christ’s giving Himself to us.  The continual growth of our human spirit causes us to break ourselves open for others, to find our roots in the Spiritual World and to bring the fruit into this world.  All growth in nature is “time unfolding into space”. It is slow going. There is a place for darkness, where things germinate and transform. We may rest in this and not be anxious about the darkness in the world but trustingly let it do its work.
Carol Kelly is a priest in D.C. area congregation of the Christian Community, a movement for religious renewal.  For more information, check out our website at http://www.thechristiancommunity.org

One thought on ““Things germinate and transform…”

  1. Carol, this is quite beautiful! About as clear and concise of a teaching on the heart of Christianity as i’ve seen. Many thanks!

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