Becoming Alive

Was it light?
Was it light within?
Was it light within light?
Stillness becoming alive, yet, still

 -T. Roethke

The awakened space which came into being when the Father God said, “Let there be light” is our present atmosphere; is now. We are the creation and we walk in God’s light. We also have the freedom to take that totally for granted, to keep the light outside of us and not let it into our “soul space.” We can walk in darkness.

Sometimes this is not a choice; it is a condition in which we find ourselves. When the light in us has gone out, when we cannot see the way forward, it is time to be still. In stillness, we are “becoming alive.” We are listening. We might also be waiting, as a candle, for someone to come and ignite it again, or as a seed in the earth, full of potential, awaiting the warmth and light of the sun. The igniting can come from another human being, or from an experience that moves us, or seemingly out of nowhere; an inspiration. But in the truest sense, it comes from one source, one light, the same light which illumined the world at the very beginning of time.

This light is universal and has come down to earth, in every human being, renewing itself within us every Christmas. Can we create an “inner lantern” so that the winds of the world don’t blow out our light as soon as it’s given? If our will is to be a light for the pure joy of passing it on and increasing the light of the world, if our hearts are open with compassion but not open to attack, we will be able to keep it safely burning. For this flame is inexhaustible and the light which enlightens every human being has come into the world. It is the consciousness we need to become fully alive.

Carol Kelly is a priest in the Christian Community, a movement for religious renewal, in the Washington D.C. area.  For more information, click here: or here


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