The Only Light

“Remember as you go about your day that you may be the only Jesus some of your friends, neighbors and family will ever see.” – Wanda Brunsletter

We are in this Advent time, more keenly aware than ever of our own longing. The world is in chaos, everywhere we look Christmas is being exploited for profit, we are supposed to be preparing for something but we are not even sure what that is any more.

Do we dare hope for the light in the darkness?

If there were no darkness, how could we experience the light?

The darkness that we experience now is important. It is a part of the journey. If the world did not have any cracks, how could we see the light shining through?

We are called to turn inward at this time; to find the light within us. Instead of rushing from one distraction to another, we can slow down and listen. We have something to offer out of our own humanity. We have compassion, warmth, insight. We are part of a Divine plan as we witness its unfolding. The whole point is to be quiet, to be still; to raise ourselves to the thoughts of God, to listen to the heart of God; to allow ourselves to be spiritual human beings. Maybe we feel totally lost but then, through our faithful endurance, we notice that we are able to help lift others in their despair; that we have the right words to say or the loving gesture that is needed. Then to our own amazement we may discover that we are bringing the light into the world! If it depends on us, that is a scary thought. On the other hand, if it depends on us, let become as transparent as possible, so that the light may shine through!

Carol Kellly is a priest in the Christian Community, movement for religious renewal in the Washington D.C. area congregation.  Find out more here: or at

We appreciate your patience with our recent “thanksgiving break” and look forward to hearing your thoughts and responses.


2 thoughts on “The Only Light

  1. This morning the white of our Christmas altar marked a spiritual place in all these troubles and darkness, and I felt as if it moved towards us from the future.

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