by Carol Kelly
I have a beautiful mobile from Bangladesh, with stars and jewels cascading around the outer circle and little purple chimes in the center, smaller circle. It looks and sounds like a miniature waterfall with the sun sparkling on it. I have moved and have found it in a box, all tangled and knotted. Every time that I go to untangle it, it is just too time-consuming and back it goes in the box.

But a small child, 10 yrs. old, who is legally blind and having multiple surgeries, has come into my life. I realized that this little mobile would be just the thing for her. So out it came once again and taught me several lessons in the undoing…

I could not get anywhere with just my two hands holding the thing. I could not  work with it at all because the weight of it kept both of my hands entangled in it. I had to hang it up, then my two hands were free to release the strands, one by one.

The undoing was slow-going. I had to put reading glasses on to see the fishing line to which all of the ornaments were attached. There were multiple entanglements and knots. But with each one that came undone, several more were either loosened or released. There was a contentment in the frustration, because I was doing it for someone else. Through this streamed the patience needed to complete the job in about one hour. I was able to pack it very carefully into the box and wrap it as a gift for the little girl.

Message One: Do not think that anything is really completely in your hands. If you acknowledge help from the spiritual world, and build  your foundation from above instead of below, you will find that your hands are freer and more capable to do whatever needs doing.
Message Two: Whatever problems you manage to solve, within your soul or with other people, will unravel and release many other difficulties along with them.
Message Three: Someone else needs the tangled-up treasures you are holding  in boxes.
Carol is a priest in the Christian Community in the Washington D.C. area.   Find out more here: http://www.thechristiancommunity.org / http://www.ccgwb.org

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