Heart-Knowledge and a truly new world order

by guest writer, Rev. Gisela Wielki

Migrating birds can catch our eyes this time of year. Flocks of birds, cloudlike in shape and always changing, fly in perfect order.

How is that possible? What is the underlying principle of this order? How can nature do, what human intelligence cannot achieve?

In the last century a phrase of a New World Order was fashionable. Today it seems more fitting to speak of a new world disorder. Watching the news can give one the impression that the world is in a state of melt-down, that it is somehow coming unhinged. It is impossible to keep track of all the places of warfare, of natural catastrophies, those happening and those predicted, of catastrophies caused by diseases, suffering and atrocities beyond all imagination. Conditioned by the feverish pitch of the news we expect one bad news to follow another. And it affects us all.

The infection, fever and fear of the Ebola crisis appears almost like a parable of something that has come to affect and infect all of humanity, not necessarily physically, but emotionally and mentally. It is a soul fever and a soul fear. It may be just a low-grade soul-fever, or a low-grade depression, or a low-grade uncertainty, anxiety and fearfulness. It is increasingly so a tendency in everyone’s life-body.

And the awakening can be expected to happen with ever greater intensity. It is the awakening to the realization that the adversary forces have been cast down. In this statement in Rev. 12 there is no mention of a particular region or nation or religion. Cast down to the earth means to the earth as a whole, to a borderless world and a borderless humanity. Evil knows no borders. The adversary’s attacks occur in the midst of humanity, both good and bad. No exemptions, no exceptions.
A Michaelic humanity such as this can no longer afford to discriminate. We are in this confrontation with the adversary forces together. And together we have to overcome and transform the powers of evil.

A top expert on Ebola when asked about its spread replied: One simple question can stop the spread of Ebola: How do you feel? This seemingly simple question is shocking, considering the deadly nature of the disease. It is the Parzival question: What ails you? It can be extended to include the question: What is your grievance? And yet, failing to ask that seemingly simple question is it not at the root of so much epidemic unrest, of so much that ails our human society, our human interactions?

What if before we draw the dagger, before we speak the sharp word or turn from the other dismissively, or before we raise an accusatory finger, we would ask each other from the most inner place of the heart:
How do you feel? What is your grievance?

Once we know of each other how we feel, what it is that grieves us, this very heart-knowledge may just become the ordering principle for a new and truly inspired world order, for the formation of a humanity united by the very humanity perceived in the other one.

It is by recognizing the humanity in each other that we become truly human.

Gisela Wielki is a priest in the Christian Community in New York City.  She originally posted this on her facebook account.  You can learn more here: http://www.thechristiancommunity.org.

Thanks to Emma Heirman for the video link!


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