Guardian of Human Thought

There is a light within us, which reaches out as far as the stars. When we see a star the light in us reaches the light of the star and fills us with wonder. How could we make a connection to something so far away?

Everything that we think, judgments we make, good thoughts and bad- radiate from us and have an effect on others. We create a kind of current in the space around us, which reaches farther than we know. The thoughts of others create an atmosphere in a room, which can be felt by one who enters. Consider the difference in the atmosphere of a gymnasium, a courtroom or a concert hall. When we glean another person’s meaning, when we understand another person’s way of thinking or truly extend ourselves into their thinking, we feel fulfilled because the light within us has met the light within them. Sometimes we understand another person even before they have finished what they are saying!

It is not a great leap then, to imagine that thoughts are more like something which moves in air and less like something contained in brain matter. And if thoughts are in the air, then we can receive them, both good and bad. And we can choose which ones we would like to hold on to and work with. We find that certain thoughts make us feel uplifted, or more whole, or deeply peaceful, while others seem disturbing and destructive. Who is it that regulates and guards our thoughts but us? Are we just sitting in “neutral” and waiting to see what comes along? Everywhere we turn today, something or someone is trying to get our attention. Can we control this? If not, to whom have we given over this power?

Spirit is all around us, in the element of air. Like thought, it comes and goes and we either tune in to it or we ignore it. Christ came to stand in the presence of human beings, to speak to the human soul. But His presence is quiet and subtle. He is so gentle that we often miss Him altogether in the midst of our loud and “ramped up” world. And so, we have been given a helping Guardian, an archangel who stands at the threshold of our understanding, wherever that may be. And he holds a space for us there; that we might pause, turn away from an old habit of thought and receive something new. He would guide us out of “neutral” to a new level of being. Michael the archangel, guardian of human thought, leads us if we are willing, to the light that is never extinguished, to the light of Christ in each human being.

Carol Kelly is a priest of the Christian Community in the Washington D.C. area. For more information see our website OR


8 thoughts on “Guardian of Human Thought

  1. I’m sorry; although the piece starts out good it soon reduces to idiocy. An interesting question is not an excuse to sell solutions to mystery. An interesting question, used as a means to an end rather than as an end unto itself, is dishonored.

    • Dear Ken, I’m sorry you feel the question was dishonored. I don’t see a reason to dishonor the writer’s attempt by calling it idiocy, however. If you wish to participate in comments please refrain from name calling.

      • “You are totally right. If I could remember how to get there I would make a retraction.”

        Kenneth C. Detro, Economics, Student, University of New Mexico, Taos 1157 County Road 110 Ranchos de Taos, NM 87557 (575) 587-1816 ________________________________

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