The Inexhaustible Source

We have come to the point where we have nearly exhausted the supply of stored-up fuel. To continue to extract it will cause more harm than good. What a contrast between crude oil and coal in the depths of the earth, and sunlight and wind freely roaming around us, ready for action! These sources of energy not only cost nothing but actually “drive the meter backwards.”

What kind of a message is this sending to us? We can wonder what we are “consuming”, personally, which is destructive and what we could do to bring about an actual surplus of good energy? What could we do to “drive the meter of destructive tendencies” backward? What could bring about more good than evil? Has that turning perhaps already happened? Does that have to do with Christ? How does it work in the “real” world?

Our personal source of energy, our consciousness, is like a flame. It needs fuel. But what do we feed it? If we just throw anything at it, however low and untruthful, it will burn like rubber or human hair, casting smoke and horrible smells into the atmosphere. The fuel has to be the “hardwood” of human culture: truth, beauty and goodness. Then the fire is pure and gives off warmth and light.

The wider and more expansive our souls become, the more light and warmth they are able to reflect. We have created “soul panels”! We are able to draw more and more from the inexhaustible source. We have receptivity to the higher forces which can transform world events. It is our calling to bring the power of the spiritual sun, the power of Christ, ever more to earth in a usable form. Can we give more than we consume? Can we turn the meter backwards?

Rev. Carol Kelly is a priest in the Christian Community in the Washington D.C. area.  For more information: or


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