Longing for Light

The world becomes brighter – or darker – through human beings.  We are quite literally “the light” – or darkness – “of the world”.

This is why we are so inspired by the great souls of humanity because we experience the moral-spiritual sun shining out of their words, art and sacrificial actions.

When have allowed ourselves to feel the full impact of this insight, a question begins burning within: how can I myself become a manifestation of light? A longing is born. A longing for communion with Light itself rises.

This is the essential prayer of the Christ-oriented heart.

To take the being we call Christ into us consciously is to take the essence of light, the being who said, “My I is the light of the world”, into the core of our being that we may begin to shine from the inside out.

Taking communion  – through the consecrated bread and wine or the inner spiritual path of communion with Christ – is the conscious practice of welcoming the light of the universe to live within us that all darkness may one day be permeated and transformed by light.

Patrick is a priest in The Christian Community in College Park, MD.  You can find out more here:  http://www.ccgwb.org / www.thechristiancommunity.org


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