St. John’s

by Carol Kelly

The season of St. John’s* is our “greenhouse” time. We have a chance to be a little bit more protected as we live in the intensified warmth and light of the sun. We may feel less like working, and less able to get work done than in the fall or winter. In fact, we may feel like we are being “worked upon,” like the ripening fruit.

We have this “time out” in order that we remember our highest intentions. Unlike the plants, we are the ones who impart meaning and purpose to our lives. When we come back from vacation, when summer is over, we will face many challenges. There is always the possibility of being taken down by the forces and dangers of the world. But there is also the light within us, rekindled in this St John’s time, by which we can find our true direction. What was it that we were doing before we got distracted, before we were called away?

*St. John’s is the name for the Christian festival season celebrated in the movement for religious renewal that begins on June 24th and lasts for four following Sundays.

Carol is a priest in The Christian Community in College Park, MD.  You can find out more here: /


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