The ‘spirit’ of god – ‘ruach’ in Hebrew, ‘pneuma’ in Greek – is the breath of god, and breath is always rhythmic – in and out.  Evolution is this rhythm.  From the inner depths of the divine came an outbreath, the unfolding of the immeasurable vastness of the universe: creation.  This out-breath reaches an outermost point, a point of inner emptiness and outer fullness.  At this moment there is an ever so slight pause, a moment of stillness.  Then there is an in-breath, and inspiration.  What was outside is taken in, energizing, concentrating, awakening.

The moment in the evolution of the Earth where the “out-breath” reached its end was the time that Jesus walked in Palestine and the pause, the stillness before the in-breath, this was the three days his body rested in the tomb of the earth.  Then, on Sun-day, a new direction began, the in-spiration direction, the inner path of evolution, the evolution of the awakening.

Everything up until Easter emanated from God.

From Easter onward: the New Human Being or ‘Adam’ born of the ‘spirit’ on Easter Sunday, the New Community: born of the ‘spirit’ on Pentecost and the New World: born at the end of time and emanating from the marriage of human beings with the spirit.

The New Creation begins in human hearts and works outward.

Patrick Kennedy is a priest in The Christian Community in College Park, MD.  You can find out more here: /


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