The sun rose this morning on the sparkling, bejeweled grasses, on the mountainsides and the budding trees, on landfills and broken glass, on broken sidewalks and human beings sleeping on them, on every person on Earth with unconditional love.

It rises and brings a new day. It “beholds” the world with unspeakable love and warmth, entering all the broken spaces, right into the center of our hearts. 

Today we become truly human again. Today the light penetrates our deepest darkness, our deepest sorrow, our cold and tired bones and says, “Arise! Behold, I make all things new!”

Christ came to Earth, clothed in an earthly body as we are now. Through Him, powerful spiritual forces have been streaming into human beings, into earthly matter. In sacrificing Himself He released his strength and the power of His love into the earth. He is in our breathing and in our blood so that we are constantly being renewed. 

The Risen One walks among us, homeless because so many people have decided that He is not important. Many do not believe in the Christ Mystery. But for those who do believe, for those who are able to give Him a dwelling in their heart, He becomes alive again.

The beautiful thing about coming to know the Being of Christ, is that the more we try to do that, the more we enter into His way of Being, the more He enters into ours. We do not know where we end and He begins. In Paul’s words, “Not I, but Christ in me.” Paradoxically, we become more of who we truly are.

Christ has given us of His very Being, which allows us to find meaning in everything: both good and evil, success and failure, life and death.

Many people are worried and troubled about the tremendous challenges we are facing in the world today, as well they should be. There is great cause for concern. All the more reason we have to call upon forces greater than ourselves! We cannot transform the world without supernatural intervention!

How disarming for the Adversary, that we lay down our weapons and dare to walk in the world with an open heart and with faith!

The one thing that the Risen One reprimanded the disciples about was their “hardness of heart.” Should that not be a message for us? 

We are called to rise up this morning to what we are not yet.

To bring to life all that had died in us. 

Carol Kelly