Christ has permeated the earth with His Being. We have received the re-enlivening of the dying earth existence.

Now, at Ascension, He permeates the atmosphere. All the elements are taken up into the clouds where they, in continual movement, creating and dissolving, bestow warmth, shade and water over the earth.

How different the atmosphere of a clear sunny day, or when the sky is  filled with billowy white clouds, or completely overcast! The clouds are as if mediating, tending the earth’s circulation, its breathing and its warmth.

 The atmosphere has an effect on us. We know the difference between the atmosphere in a room, in an art gallery, or a bowling alley, a cathedral or a nightclub. This is an “intangible” which is experiential for every human being.

The soul lives in the atmosphere. We share this space with one another. When it is raised up, we find that it is a place where movement and change can happen, like the realm of the clouds.

When we come into a difficult situation, a problem we are not able to solve, a “dead end,” a person who will not be moved, we have to find a way to change the atmosphere. We are, after all, the elements too, raised into consciousness. 

So when we are able to mediate a situation, to find the need and respond to it, to create possibility when needed or clarity by getting out of the way, we are working in the Christ-permeated soul atmosphere of Ascension. This is a preparation for the Holy Spirit, for Pentecost.

Ascension is universal, Pentecost is individual. We have the opportunity to raise ourselves to Christ consciousness, to change the atmosphere around us, to allow our hardened souls to become permeable by the Spirit. This is the special calling in our hearts and hands, right now.


by Carol Kelly