Cast Your Soul Wide

The energy of the sun is streaming toward the earth all the time.  Most of the energy we have chosen to make use of is old, condensed sunlight. It has been stored up in various forms for thousands of years and now we have come to the point where we have nearly exhausted the supply of stored up fuel. We have paid a very high price for this fuel, including war and the destruction of the ecosystem.

But if we simply cast our attention upwards rather than downwards, we see that with a bit of ingenuity we can create panels which draw the sun’s energy into collectors. By casting a wide open “space” we gather sunlight, driving the old meters backwards! Then we are not only no longer “consumers” but are actually¬† bringing something which will help people and preserve the earth.

We can easily wonder: What could we do spiritually to bring about a surplus of good energy? What could we do to drive the “meter” of the destructive tendencies on the earth, backward? Could we create more good than evil? More love than hate? Do we even believe in the possibility?

We too have an “old source of energy” which we can use: the life we have been given, the intelligence, the wit, even the musicality. We become consumers of these things and use them to make money. We eat food that is not really food, watch TV and movies, drink, smoke and do drugs all to have the “energy” to keep going this way. These old sources are also finite and destroy the house of the body, as we destroy the home of the earth. We walk around filled with anger and frustration because the old sources don’t satisfy us or make us “whole.” They do not heal the wounds we have incurred along the way.

But what if we look up instead of down? What if prayer and meditation “widen” our souls like solar panels? Then we could draw from the Spirit, from the inexhaustible source. The wider our consciousness becomes, the more receptivity we have to the higher good. We become more receptive to other people, to creative, constructive ideas, to new possibilities. The energy is new. It is available to us at any moment. It is our ‘job” to bring it to earth in a “usable form” through our humanity! Can we give more than we take? Can we drive the meter backwards?

by Carol Kelly