The Light in Me

The Light That Enlightens Every Human Being

The Light that enlightens every human being has come into the world, and is within us. And yet, how is it that the light within us is “separated” somehow from the “Original Divine Light?” We don’t seem to recognize it in ourselves, much less in others. We can actually be dull, closed off, fearful, mindless. And we can be destructive, fraudulent, manipulative, and exploitive. All the while, the light is still within us!

This proves that we have been set free. We are completely free to find our way back to God and to the true light, or not. We can remain in darkness for a very long time.

But then, out of the darkness of our own soul/soil there arises a call, like the warmth of the sun in springtime.  Sooner or later we begin to brave the darkness, lead by hope and trust that we can find our truer selves, reaching out in response to the light.

The more we take responsibility for our own becoming, for self-knowledge and a more authentic way of being, the more we feel ourselves to be “released” from a kind of bondage that comes from earthly  life.

Released from the bondage of myself, I begin to comprehend others. The light in me which I now experience, touches the light in the other person, like a leaping flame. 

This light is hard won. We will not find it because we want to. On the contrary, we will only find great resistance. We will not be able to find it as we are but we will need to change, to be recast, reorganized, again and again.

We have received grace upon grace, but we will have to learn to celebrate that fact under duress. We can practice the 12 Virtues of the months, or the 8-Fold path of Buddha, to become stronger, more inventive, more creative, and more patient than we have been up until now, so that when we branch out into family life, community life, even in our relationship to the earth itself, we will have skills to bring with us! These skills will serve us as well as the needs of others: Gratitude, selflessness, openheartedness, open-mindedness and a general feeling for the Divine Will.

In “Michael the Archangel, His Mission and Ours” Rudolf Steiner writes:

“Michael would have us exercise our intelligence with a sense of profound responsibility towards the Universe, and towards the heavenly powers. He seeks to found a great community among those who can enliven their thinking so that it becomes transparent, a living light, a breathing in light.” 

Our community life then can be felt as working into the future for the redemption of the earth.

Let us take up our New Year’s resolutions, whatever they may be, with a feeling of responsibility and gratitude for all that we have been given, and give them strength of purpose!

by Carol Kelly