In Our Wakefulness

It is a great gift to us that time flows in a linear fashion. This helps to bring order into our world, makes things sequential and consequential. But there is another aspect of time which is cyclical or rhythmical, which gives us the possibility of reliving, re-enlivening, renewing and recreating ourselves, our intentions, our habits, the way we think about things.

This cyclical nature of time is never exactly the same when it comes around again. It moves in spirals as does the universe.

And so every year we are invited once again to create the mood of Advent, to prepare for the birth of the Christ child within us. As the famous Christmas carol says, “Let every heart, prepare Him room…” We need to find peace and calmness in the rushing world around us, so that we can see what is arising. In the words of Rudolf Freiling, that we may “behold the gently glistening rays of eternity through the tears and cracks of the crumbling sense world. ”

This week we turn our contemplation to the plant world. The plants, which humbly bear us, give us the very air we breathe, manifest movement, rhythm, peacefulness, world-calm, rising toward the light. The plants live in a state of constant prayer.

In our reflections we may behold the “landscape” of our own souls. This is usually somewhat painful. Our higher selves perceive all that we would wish to be and calls us to fulfill that. We realize where we have fallen asleep, again and again. Much depends on our staying awake, on our “staying woke” and not trying to escape.

In our wakefulness, we become our truest selves. In our wakefulness we are preparing Him room, in total trust, in holy expectation and pure love.

by Carol Kelly